Welcome to my closet

Hello and welcome to my closet. Sorry about the mess but I have so many things to show you that I don't have time to tidy up.  Well, yes, I'm also a bit lazy but let's not get off topic.

I want to show you my quite personal vision of life, mainly about fashion, but also about other things, like food, personal growth, DIY things, and a lot more. Wow, I didn't realize the list was so big.

Regarding to fashion, I must confess that I have a nylon addiction. I love wearing tights. I find it a way to enhance my femininity and that's something I like to show off. So if you like tights, high heels and boots combined with mini-skirts and mini-dresses, or even with shorts, leggings and jeans then you'll love this iconoclastic fashion blog.

What I put in my closet

Ok, there's actually more stuff in my closet, but I hope that the menu above gives you an idea of what's in there and that you can find things without getting lost in the process.

Women footwear

I love shoes, especially high-heeled ones. Yes, I know they are tiresome and that it is not good to walk in them for a long time but I still like them.

In cold seasons I love to wear boots. Knee-high boots are very convenient when you want to look elegant. While over the knee boots are more convenient when I want to look a little bit naughty. Ankle boots are very practical because they definitely go with everything.

I mainly like sandals because they allow me to show off my pampered toenails well cared for, although I also like pumps and if they are stilettos much better. But lately I have been getting addicted to a type of footwear that fascinates me because of its simplicity and how striking they are: mules. You can wear mules to create a casual look or to look super sexy. They never let you down.

Women outfits

As I mentioned before, I love to wear tights so I always try to mix them with the rest of my closet. In this section you will find many ideas in that sense. You will see many ideas about how to combine your tights with dresses, skirts and even shorts (great in cold seasons).

I must confess that I also wear tights with pants and even with jeans but I do this for pure vice, not for fashion.

Life stuff

In this section you will find things that do not have much to do with fashion. Here you will find recipes to prepare delicious and simple meals, tips to help you in your personal growth, simple DIY projects for you to enjoy building useful things, and many more things.

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