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The pantyhose blog

Welcome to my pantyhose blog

Hello and welcome to the best pantyhose blog you can find on the Internet, at least I hope so. Sorry about the mess. Surely you will find pantyhose everywhere, that is because I am a pantyhose fashion blogger. I have so many things to show you that I don't have time to tidy up.  Well, yes, I'm also a bit lazy but let's not get off topic.

I want to show you my quite personal vision of life, mainly about fashion, but also about other things. Wow, the list is so big.

Regarding to fashion, I must confess that I have a nylon addiction. I love to wear all kinds of hosiery: pantyhose, tights and stockings, like any good self-respecting pantyhose fashion blogger. I find it a way to enhance my femininity and that's something I like to show off. So if you like nylons, high heels and boots combined with miniskirts and short dresses, or even with shorts, leggings and jeans then you'll love this iconoclastic pantyhose fashion blog, and to talk about pantyhose blogspot is the ideal place to do it.

What I put in my closet

Motivation in pantyhose

Ok, there's actually more stuff in my closet, but I hope that the menu above gives you an idea of what's in there and that you can find things without getting lost in the process.

Women's footwear and pantyhose

I love shoes, especially high-heeled ones. Yes, I know they are tiresome and that it is not good to walk in them for a long time but I still like them.

In cold seasons I love to wear boots. Knee-high boots are very convenient when you want to look elegant. While over the knee boots are more convenient when I want to look a little bit naughty. Ankle boots are very practical because they definitely go with everything.

I mainly like sandals because they allow me to show off my pampered toenails well cared for, although I also like pumps and if they are stilettos much better. But lately I have been getting addicted to a type of footwear that fascinates me because of its simplicity and how striking they are: mules. You can wear mules to create a casual look or to look super sexy. They never let you down.

Women's outfits with tights

As I mentioned before, I love to wear tights so I always try to mix them with the rest of my closet. In this section you will find many ideas in that sense. You will see many ideas about how to combine your tights with dresses, skirts and even shorts (great in cold seasons).

I must confess that I also wear tights with pants and even with jeans but I do this for pure vice, not for fashion.

Motivation in pantyhose

Yes, motivation in pantyhose, because what can motivate a person better than beautiful legs in pantyhose and heels? Here you will find little nuggets of wisdom mixed with beautiful girls in pantyhose that will help you make your day more enjoyable. Here you will find your daily ration of pantyhose motivation.

Pantyhose, tights and stockings

Ok, this is certainly a blog about pantyhose, but we also love all presentations of nylons: tights and stockings, and here we'll show you how to tell them apart.

Although perhaps on more than one occasion we do not give the necessary importance to semantic issues, it is always necessary to call things by their proper name. Thus, in the world of hosiery there are three widely used garments: pantyhose, tights and stockings.

And to know a little more about this we must know what is the denier.


The denier is a unit of measurement in the textile industry and is defined as a ratio that allows us to know the linear mass of a textile fiber. In order not to get too technical we will say that the denier gives us an idea of how opaque and thick a hosiery is.

Depending on the country where we are, we will realize that there are subtle differences in the naming of these garments.

For example, in the United States pantyhose and tights are differentiated only by their denier. If the garment is between 8 and 30 denier then it is called pantyhose. But if it is between 40 and 100 denier then it is called tights.

In Great Britain and in Europe in general they do not complicate life and there are only tights. For them there is no such term as pantyhose.

Stockings are easier to define as they only go up to the top of the thigh, unlike tights or pantyhose which go up to the waist. The stockings can then be secured with suspenders and a garter belt, although some have a silicone rim that prevents them from slipping down.

Reasons to wear pantyhose

I would like to see all women in pantyhose. If you are not yet a regular user of pantyhose, after reading this post you will surely seriously consider using them for their multiple health benefits:
  • Prevent varicose veins. Although compression hose are recommended in these cases, regular pantyhose also work as a lightweight version as they are snug enough to give your legs extra support.
  • Swelling and blood clots. Pantyhose help prevent swelling of the legs and even blood clots caused by fluid retention due to prolonged standing or lack of movement.
  • Leg fatigue. Pantyhose help improve blood circulation in the legs by helping to decrease leg fatigue caused by excess blood that has been pulled down by gravity.
  • Prevents dryness. When in direct contact with the skin, pantyhose are effective in retaining the skin's natural oils and moisture which is especially beneficial during the colder months when the skin can become dry due to low humidity.
  • Chafing. Pantyhose help reduce the occurrence of chafing injuries by reducing the chance of the legs accumulating moisture and rubbing against each other leading to a rash or in the worst case scenario an open sore.

Pantyhose and open toe shoes

Can you wear pantyhose with open toe shoes?

I've lost count of how many times I've heard this question.

For a long time there has been a kind of witch hunt against all of us who dared to wear pantyhose with open-toed shoes. We were condemned to be burned at the stake of fashion. But no more.

More and more fashion media are reporting more and more designers who dare to dress their models with pantyhose and open shoes in various styles.

So the fashion cops will surely be in intensive care in the face of this wave of bad taste that looks so, so good. No one should have the power to decide for you what to wear or what not to wear.

So, go ahead and wear your pantyhose with open-toed shoes without remorse.

How to wear tights in summer

I've always admitted it, I'm a nylon addict. I wear pantyhose year round, even in the summer. I think the only place I haven't (yet) gone to in pantyhose is the beach, although come to think of it....

If you need some ideas on how to enjoy your pantyhose all year long, here are a few:
This way you will always look casual and attractive in this season of the year.

Pantyhose size chart

One thing that can cause hesitation when choosing pantyhose and tights is knowing which size is right for you. Every woman in pantyhose should know her size well.

For this reason, here is a reference table of the pantyhose sizes that you can find in the market.

As a general rule pantyhose and tights are measured by the height and weight of the persons.

The measurements are by letter with A being the smallest. The following table gives a rough idea of the meaning of the various sizes. Sizes beginning with a Q are queen sizes; "QP" is queen small.


However, it is always advisable for buyers to consult the manufacturer's size chart, if possible.

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